Henan mine forging rolling wheel technological upgrading projects completed smoothly

On 28 August afternoon, with the first batch of forging and rolling composite manufacture process of crane wheels logoff, henan mine and a major technological upgrading projects come to a successful conclusion, also marks the crane industry forged wheel rolling composite process intelligent assembly line put into production.
The intelligent pipeline will forging and rolling rolling technology, from the blank filling, early feeding, heating, forging and rolling forming to the finished product output, realized the automation line production.It is my company crane wheels rolling forming new technology and equipment, the crane wheel forging with new heating process equipment such as patents and technological achievements into productivity.The process compared with the traditional forging technology has the following advantages:
Wheel (1) from the product performance, after forging and rolling the wheel of composite forming organization more close, lattice further refinement, eliminated the internal porosity, inclusions and other defects, wheel material to strengthen further processing, make the carrying capacity of the wheel and further improve the fatigue strength, significantly improved the service life of the wheel;
(2) forging and rolling composite molding process products in the production of the round hole and groove is under pressure rolling forming, full use of the raw materials.Compared with the traditional forging molding process significantly reduced the raw material consumption, conducive to reduce costs, improve product market competition;
(3) from the blank filling, feeding, heating, molding process automation, significantly reduced the labor intensity of workers, improve the labor environment, to ensure the health of workers.
(4) production was conducted on the continuous line, between process heat loss is small, especially in the heating process was conducted in the airtight environment continuously, decrease the heat loss, improve the energy efficiency, realize the production, energy conservation and emissions reduction for reducing carbon emissions, is of great significance to protect the environment;
(5) the process automation, obviously improve the production efficiency, shorten the crane production cycle, can meet the delivery of different user needs;The intelligent pipeline investment more than one thousand ten thousand yuan, it successfully produced significantly improve the quality and performance of crane products, but also led the traditional crane industry to lean production, the pursuit of quality of pace.