What chooses us?
Henan mining crane co., LTD., as the research and development center, provides customers with personalized hook bridge cranes, casting bridge cranes
For the professional crane complete machine and electric hoist material handling solutions, to meet the needs of customers for material moving container gantry crane, subway gantry crane varieties.
Manufacturing, service providers, the courage to innovation, the pursuit of technology transport, process layout, improve efficiency requirements
Hoist and other cranes and accessories 3 series 0 more
Technical progress, excellence, dedicated to customers
Machine, insulation feeding crane, wire rope electric
Introduction of European advanced technology and technology, Ben
Provide a full range of crane products and services, hoist, new wire rope electric hoist, crane soil production and manufacturing. The advantages of the product are low noise.
Provide more professional, safer and more economical starting products including electric single beam crane, new single motor, end beam and other industrial crane products. "The mine has low energy consumption, long service life, high working level and high price
Heavy machinery solutions, and relying on our technical beam crane, hook bridge crane, new crane "brand single and double beam, bridge gantry crane, electric ratio high, green environmental protection.
Customized design
High quality products
Close service
Exclusive custom
Quality guarantee
The Ontario
1. The engineer will go deep into the customer site
1. Project manager system and professional service team
1. Deliver on time and install on site
Understand site and customer needs
Seamless service.
Provide operation technical training.
2. "continuous improvement, zero defects
2. Provide comprehensive maintenance E
Strictly and efficiently control the quality of lifting equipment
Eliminate hidden faults
2. Provide tailor-made products for customers
Provide comprehensive, detailed
Material handling solution
Inspection and maintenance report