Grab Overhead Crane for Garbage-HENAN MINE CRANE Co., LTD

The design and manufacture of waste grab bridge crane produced by henan mining crane co., LTD conform to GB, FEM, IEC and other national standards and international general standa ...

Determination of working level of gantry crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO., LTD

The working level is an index to indicate the heaviness of the crane. The purpose of classifying the working level of the crane is to provide scientific and reasonable basis for t ...

Railway container gantry crane designed and manufactured by henan mine for lanzhou international por

The CMJ40.5 t-35m A8 rail container gantry crane designed and manufactured by henan mine for lanzhou international port area has good service performance. Lanzhou international po ...

Clean and explosion-proof automatic crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO., LTD

▲ clean explosion-proof full-automatic craneClean and explosion-proof products developed and produced for the semiconductor polysilicon project of jiangsu xinhua semiconductor mat ...

Rail container gantry crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Rail container gantry craneThe CMJ40.5 t-35ma8 rail through-type crane designed and manufactured by henan mine for lanzhou international port area was officially put into use. Lan ...

Fighting business casting brilliant benefit mulberry catalpa show lofty sentiments

Think of the first time to see the founder of henan mine, after the event Mr Jun's situation, his calm look, full of affection to spell out the face of the mine, the more the hear ...

30+30T intelligent steel plate stacker--HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

With large lifting weight and highly integrated automatic control, the stacker has a self-weight of more than 600 tons, stable operation and scientific design, which effectively s ...


What chooses us?Henan mining crane co., LTD., as the research and development center, provides customers with personalized hook bridge cranes, casting bridge cranesFor the profess ...


Our workers have strength - henan mining crane co. LTD choirWe workers have strengthHey, we workers have powerWork is busy every dayHey, everyday is busy with workTall buildings w ...

Prosperity! Henan mine won the first place in changyuan county crane industry tax payment and innova

In order to reveal the taxpayer, to carry forward the good habit of tax is glorious, carry out the innovation development idea, continue to implement the development strategy of i ...

What's the difference between soft tooth surface reducer and hard tooth surface reducer

What's the difference between soft tooth surface reducer and hard tooth surface reducerHard gear reducer and soft gear reducer are two popular gear reducer. But what are the diffe ...

Wish the 4th China - changyuan international lifting equipment fair a complete success

The 4th china-changyuan international lifting equipment expo and fair opened in China changyuan international convention and exhibition center on May 14, 2018. Crane manufacturers ...

European electric single beam bridge crane manual

This instruction is appropriate for electrical single beam series cra installationse and maintenance at attendants' di sposal

U type gantry project installation site-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Henan mining crane co., LTD. U-type longmen project installation site.

Congratulations to President xi on his re-election-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Henan mining crane co., ltd. congratulates President xi on his re-election as President of the People's Republic of China. Support the leadership of the communist party.

The fourth day of the New Year is rich and healthy

Henan mine wish Chinese people prosperity and health!

Electric single beam crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Electric single beam crane (hereinafter referred to as the crane) is currently widely used lifting machinery, lifting mechanism for electric hoist, can be inLoad, unload, and move ...

New electric single beam crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Introduction to the new electric single-beam crane:Henan mining crane co., LTD. "new type electric single beam crane", (referred to as new single beam) is LD type electric single ...

A happy National Day to the people of guizhou province

A happy National Day to the people of guizhou province

SPC inspection center of henan mining crane co., LTD

SPC(redirect self-statistical process control)SPC (Statistical Process Control, Statistical Process Control, or Statistical Process Control)What is the SPCStatistical Process Cont ...

ntroduction of steel - aluminum composite contact rail for safety sliding contact line

The standard main-line contact rails are placed on the insulation bracket device according to the nominal distance of 3 ~ 5 meters (the allowable tolerance of bracket positioning ...

Introduction to gantry crane

Introduction to gantry craneA bridge type crane arranged on two supporting legs to form a portal frame. This kind of crane runs on the ground track, which is mainly used for carry ...

The main technical points crane sliding contact line is installed

A, slide wire system installation should have the condition1, mobile devices (or other) and orbit has been installed.2, the power supply into line cable, mobile devices, the cable ...

Mine Crane leads domestic crane development direction

With the continuous development of China's economy, modern science and technology constantly updated, the expansion of industrial production and to increase the degree of automati ...

Henan mine - warmly celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China

Today is the 95th anniversary of founding of the communist party of China.As one of the more than 8800 members of the communist party of China, do you remember to join the party, ...

Operation rules for electric hoist - henan mining crane co., LTD

Operating rules for electric hoist1. All operators must be qualified through pre-job training before taking up the post.2. Electric hoist shall be operated by a special person.3, ...

Single-girder crane daily maintenance,--Henan mine crane co., LTD

Equipment operation a week on a maintenance, give priority to with operator, mechanic match.Cut off the power supply first, and then perform maintenance workMaintenance content an ...

Summer how to prevent frequency crane fault - Henan mine crane co., LTD.

Crane bad work environment, most in the high temperature, high dust, and even harmful gas in the working environment.According to the actual working conditions, such as metallurgi ...

Crane swing proof construction technology scheme, Henan mine crane co., LTD

Crane load sway phenomenon:When a crane handling material, the crane cart, car and promote the movement of the organization usually controlled by the respective operating instruct ...

The application of inverter in the crane - Henan mine crane co., LTD

Inverter efficiency performance mainly in the following aspects: energy saving, improving production efficiency, speed, improve product performance improves the automation of prod ...

Single-girder crane operation rules, Henan mine crane co., LTD

Before work1, electric single beam cranes by specialist operations, the operator should fully grasp the safety operation procedures.2, check the track, che beam line clean, comple ...

Single-girder crane derail?Henan mine crane co., LTD

Single-girder crane derail?Single-girder crane derailment should stop quickly after the operation, homework personnel evacuation crane scale, may cause serious derailment crane cr ...


Henan mining crane co., ltd. is a joint-stock industrial enterprise, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of five series of 80 varieties of cranes, such as "mine source" br ...

Henan mine crane co., LTD KSQ type 250 tons of new type of double beam crane through the type testin

On April 12, 2016, the company is jiangsu macro treasure group KSQ type 250 t in the new type of double beam crane inspection smoothly through national hoisting and conveying mach ...

Crane trouble shooting and troubleshooting-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD

Crane in the use of the process, mechanical parts, components, electrical control and hydraulic system components, inevitably follow the law of wear visible wear, and cause failur ...

Henan mining crane co., LTD. Quality month in action

The standard main-line contact rails are placed on the insulation bracket device according to the nominal distance of 3 ~ 5 meters (the allowable tolerance of bracket positioning ...

Henan mine crane co., LTD. Quality month activity carried out in full swing

Quality month's vowsI am a honorable person in mines, it is my duty to create high-quality goods.For the sake of his glory,In order to meet the demands of customers,In order to th ...

Changyuan county party secretary BoXueBin to visit henan mine crane co., LTD. Research work

Xinxiang municipal committee on March 31, changyuan county party secretary BoXueBin led, head of the relevant departments of the in-depth research of henan mine crane co., LTD, he ...

Henan mine crane co., LTD., new type of crane

-- -- -- -- the first chapter is mentioned -- -- -- --Model the crane is in the introduction and digestion, on the basis of foreign advanced technology, guided by the theory of mo ...

2015 henan economy person of the year awards online voting

In the Chinese economy to deepen adjustment, under the environment of industry recession, in 2015, henan mine crane co., LTD., is still obtained the unprecedented development, the ...

Hook use common sense

Hook - general technical requirements 1. The hook may have affect the safety performance of defects;Hook defects shall not be welding repair;Hook surface should be smooth, can not ...

Henan mine crane co., LTD. In 2016 New Year's greeting

Respected leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, the majority of the business elite and the staff:Picture is parted in 2016, is a new spring again, at this time ce ...

Henan mine 2015 annual sales work summary and commendation congress victory

Sheep with fresh air bowed out and steam to meet the New Year. Late February 4, 2016, henan mine is makeup dot glittering cultural square, colorful, laughter, beaming, multi-funct ...

Henan mine configuration of single and double beam bridge crane comprehensive upgrade, continuously

At present, the quality of ideas and innovative thinking has gradually into the henan consciousness of all the staff work in mines, strives for perfection, the pursuit of excellen ...

Henan mine LD forging rolling wheel production in an all-round way Lead the single-beam crane qualit

Following for LD wheel forging and rolling forming of 800 t press finish testing, after put into production, consisting of 8 sets of shenyang CNC vertical lathe CNC processing lin ...

The beauty of Kuangshan

East scooped up water flow from the west on its politically-inspired do dyke winding dazzling light welding yinhua proudly blooming exhibition of changing mine look different

Henan mine European double beam line workshop construction in full swing

In recent years, henan mine increasing infrastructure construction, strengthen the enterprise development foundation, following eight league double beam span, six league after the ...

Henan mine group of the fourth Mid-Autumn festival culture festival was held

Henan mine group Henan mine craneFestival Mid-Autumn festival, chung filial piety in mine.On September 22, with "respect filial piety" as the theme of the fourth Mid-Autumn festiv ...

How to judge a good product in the process of wire rope in the purchase?

Wire rope is refers to the use of multiple root or more shares of fine wire into flexible rope, wire rope is composed of multilayer wire twist into shares, centering on the rope a ...

Henan mine forging rolling wheel technological upgrading projects completed smoothly

On 28 August afternoon, with the first batch of forging and rolling composite manufacture process of crane wheels logoff, henan mine and a major technological upgrading projects ...

May 1 labor model commendation congress in 2014-2014 academic year

In this beautiful moment, flowers blooming spring season, on the morning of May 14, 2015, the company in a May 1 labor model for meeting the multi-function hall, the grand recogni ...