Single beam crane

Single beam crane

Model No.︰LDA

Brand Name︰kuangyuan

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 4000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Electric single-beam crane

Electric single-beam crane (hereinafter referred to as the crane) is the hoisting machinery appied widely at present.With electric hoist as the hoisting mechanism, it can load, unload and transport materials and devices by intermittent and repetitive modes in general operating environment, and has vertical lifting lowering and longitudinal horizontal movement functions.The acquisition apparatus is hook or other special lifting api various types of matenals. The working class includes A3- A6.liance, which can satisfy users various demands on.According to the position of hoisting mechanism and operation mode, the crane can be divided into the following .

The crane with electric hoist trolley operating on the flange under the main beam and configured with te to standard building height, as shown in Figure 1-1a

The crane configured with low headroom type electric hoist, as shown in Figure 1-1b 

The crane with electric hoist mounted on angular trolley, as shown in Figure t-1c

SKU︰ 10000

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001

Lifting Weight(t)︰ 1~32ton

Span(m)︰ 2~40m

Lift height(m)︰ 9m

Rising speed(m/min)︰ 0.8/8m/min

Running speed(m/min)︰ 20m/min

Operation mode︰ To hold, null, remote control

Job level︰ A3

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