Low Level Cranes

Low Level Cranes

Model No.︰LDC

Brand Name︰Kuang--Yuan

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product introduction:Low level crane

This specification applies to the low headroom monorail crane installation, use and maintenance, for installation and maintenance personnel. 
1. The main use low headroom single-girder crane (hereinafter referred to as "crane") is designed according to standard JB/T1306-1994 with
Which CD1 and MD1 model electric hoist supporting the use of space vehicles, main effect is intermittent, the workings of a cycle, by lifting hook, or other take device in a timely manner and quickly complete the displacement of the object, is a modern industrial enterprise realize mechanization, automation production process.Reduce the heavy manual labor, improve the labor productivity of important tools and equipment. 
2. Suitable for low headroom single-girder crane is suitable for the working level A3 ~ A5, working environment temperature 25 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, relative humidity or less
85% of no inflammable, explosive danger under the working conditions and the corrosive medium environment.Ban lifting melting metal, toxic substances and flammable and explosive items. 
3. The environmental conditions (1) the power of the crane for three-phase ac, rated frequency 50 hz, rated voltage of 380 v (such as power supply voltage, frequency, and not at the same time, the regulations should be in order indicate the use of the land of the supply voltage and frequency), motor and electric control devices allow voltage fluctuation the upper limit of the rated voltage of + 10%, lower limit (peak current) - 15% of rated voltage.Crane internal voltage loss of 5%.Of item (2) lifting crane hook parts of radiant heat temperature does not exceed 300 ℃. 
(3) the environment temperature is not more than + 40 ℃, the average temperature within 24 h of no more than 35 ℃ +. 
4. The noise of the crane in the workshop in sealing, no other noise and hoisting height under the condition of no less than 5 m, measured on the ground, the whole machine noise is greater than 85 db (A).

Second, the structure and properties of low headroom monorail crane parameters

Low headroom monorail crane structure is mainly composed of three parts: bridge, electric hoist and
Electrical system (see figure 2 and random graph) bridge for bearing and longitudinal moving load, consists of the metal structure and running mechanism.Metal structure including main and side beam girder, beam and connection of three parts.Running mechanism by the driving device, transmission device, the brake device and the wheel set of four parts.Electric hoist lifting and horizontal moving load.Electrical system consists of main circuit and control circuit. 
1. The bridge main girder by cold bending suppression of u-shaped channel steel and i-steel compound into plain girder or compound with steel plates of box girder.Beam for
U-shaped channel steel compound structures box, between main and side beam using bolt and shear flange connection structure or a type of structure, convenient installation, easy to transport storage. 
2. Run institutions run institutions adopts respectively drive form (see figure 1), driving, braking by conical rotor motor to complete,
Its advantage is to reduce caused by wheel askew wandering on wear and tear, is not easy to appear the wheel climb track off fault. 
Speed (m/min) : operating common ground for 20 or 30;The driver chamber operation is 30, 45, 60.Crane design with single speed and double speed and frequency control of motor speed, usually made according to single speed, if users need other speed regulation methods, shall be indicated in the order in the contract.3. The hoisting mechanism of crane installation electric hoist lifting mechanism, lifting lifting heavy objects, and can move along the transverse girder.4. The electrical system of the electric hoist lifting operation motor adopts conical rotor motor starting torque is bigger, so as to adapt to frequent direct start crane intermittent work.There are two type of lifting motor, lh-zd model for single speed motor, ZDS
Type for its constant speed and slow speed of a two-speed motor than 10:1. 
Low headroom monorail crane manipulation by the press of a button switch (flashlight door), make the contactor contact put through or cut off the power of the motor.Its main circuit and control circuit of electric components, circuit is simple, convenient in operation and maintenance. 
5. Manipulation of the form (1) ground controlling: operator on ground control flashlight door button, control the crane hoisting load operations.Crane operation speed of 30 m/min or less. 
(2) the driver chamber manipulation: operators in driver indoor control button or controller, control the crane hoisting load operations.Juki acuity 30 m/min.Cab according to the direction of the door can be divided into side door cab (applicable to single span workshop) and port open cab (applicable to dual kua workshop).The driver chamber and open and closed two forms, for users to choose and buy according to need.

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