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Extend the service life of the crane
- reduce the stop time
- to ensure equipment safety
- spare parts warranty claims

Spare parts warehouse distribution from henan mine crane co., LTD, warehouse store a lot of wearing parts and other spare parts.If you need we can also provide old equipment in the fastest way the corresponding spare parts.

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We specify (motion, gravels, hua yu, JiaJi, and so on) the logistics company will spare parts safety timely to your hands.Speed and flexibility is one of the most important factor - most likely reduce the stop time.Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Crane wheels


 Henan mine crane wheels introduced a complete set of advanced forging production line, the wheels (high quality round steel) raw material to finished product manufacturing wheel a molding, ensure the single-beam crane wheels precision, wear resistance, to ensure the lasting trouble-free crane operation, improves the production efficiency of the customer.This wheel can only provide henan mine original factory.


Crane wheels

Henan mine crane production, forging European wheel, by the high quality of 65 mn steel as raw materials, through ductile iron craft processing, after a series of hardening treatment process, the wheel has the self-lubricating function, ensure the crane durable.

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