Henan mine group of the fourth Mid-Autumn festival culture festival was held


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Festival Mid-Autumn festival, chung filial piety in mine.On September 22, with "respect filial piety" as the theme of the fourth Mid-Autumn festival henan mine group was kicked off in the multi-function hall.Xue-ming wei Wang Fengsheng Cui Peijun chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and other group senior leaders to dinner at the scene.

The Mid-Autumn festival as the "exalted filial piety, the practice of filial piety culture" series of activities, one of the successfully held since 2012, this year has been the fourth.At present, I group co., LTD. The Mid-Autumn festival has become a spread of filial piety culture, carry forward the fine tradition of the annual event.As one of festival activities, the scene of the dinner, chairman of the board of directors is to identify the sales manager of filial piety, the department office and frontline staff to issue the "mine filial star" medal.

Wei Zhuang town party secretary li jointly attended the dinner and speeches, he said that since the arrival Wei Zhuang town, witnessed the development of henan mine group, especially in this year, China's economic slowdown, industry downturn environment, henan mine has achieved unprecedented development, the buck the trend on the development trend of advocating enterprise with mining companies for many years the filial piety culture is inseparable, exalt filial piety is the fine traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, is an important approach to practice the socialist core values, the culture of filial piety is the foundation and core of Chinese traditional culture, henan used mine practical action to annotate the essence of filial piety culture, hope henan mine development is getting better and better!

Chairman toast for dinner, he said: "the henan mine in 13 years of steady and rapid development, along the way, can develop to now, it's not easy. Filial piety is the core of the mining culture, if one is not filial piety to parents, it won't be loyal to the company, to unite colleagues. I just want to speak a word, what all can wait, but filial piety can't wait. As long as the company one day, I will do this thing."The chairman's speech for several minutes of applause.

Chairman Cui Peijun dinner, for everybody's parents presented a bouquet of carnations and issued solatium and exquisite gift, send you the parents of the Mid-Autumn blessing and greeting.

The party of the company and employees wrote, directed, since the play shows unusually brilliant.

Four presenter

Brought by the bidding office Wei Yating opening dance "decorating"

Technology department Zheng Pei's "go, China,

Sketch the potherb cake surface Ye Shang

High finance department and the equality of five girls dance "Hero"

Ten guys jump "spun"

"The northeast errenzhuan"

Liyuan spring little champion Han Zixuan

Sketch "big love"

The sales director of the culture "the I will let you retired life!"
After dinner, dinner, a 80 - year - old old man excitedly told reporters, "was very moved by, a enterprise, exalt filial piety so, an entrepreneur, so important for the employee's parents, very rare, his practice let us these when touched by their parents. I work as a son for such enterprises feel glad and proud."
The festival will last for five days, banquets, and all the sales managers, suppliers and taxi companies, the department office team staff and parents and more than six thousand people.

The festival moment we will report for you.