Henan mine LD forging rolling wheel production in an all-round way Lead the single-beam crane qualit


Following for LD wheel forging and rolling forming of 800 t press finish testing, after put into production, consisting of 8 sets of shenyang CNC vertical lathe CNC processing line has been installation, debugging, LD round, put in the production, plus original quenching equipment company, henan mine single-girder forging rolling LD wheel has fully go into mass production, is producing 400 pieces of wheel, can completely meet the needs of the production of the single beam.[expression] [expression] used for processing the forging rolling wheels 8 sets of shenyang CNC vertical lathe the i5 system, machine tool radius of processing 500 mm, 500 mm, fully meet the processing and geometric parameters of the single beam LD wheel.[expression] [expression] the machine adopts the shenyang machine tool companies to develop the i5 system and servo system, the debugging is finished, in the process of processing staff don't participate in operation directly, effectively eliminate the human error of the operator, reduce the labor intensity of workers.Increase the machining precision, to ensure the consistency between processed from LD round, improve the overall quality of products and production efficiency, the appearance of the product also