Henan mine configuration of single and double beam bridge crane comprehensive upgrade, continuously


At present, the quality of ideas and innovative thinking has gradually into the henan consciousness of all the staff work in mines, strives for perfection, the pursuit of excellence as the company's core enterprise culture.We encourage creative across the company any quality improvement and management innovation to carry out the action, can mobilize all the wisdom and strength of and for the company for sustainable development of road, differentiation and development, production and service for the enterprise to bring the positive and effective change, to seek the company's built to last.Company executives realize if there is no excellent product quality, without their own unique, innovative technology, product homogeneity, the enterprises will be eliminated by the market gradually.Henan mine combinative oneself is actual, in the lean production method to optimize structure, improve the quality of some exploration and attempt in the near future, single and double beam bridge crane configuration comprehensive upgrade, to better serve customers.1, the company single girder bridge crane cart wheels all use forging operation