Hook use common sense


Hook - general technical requirements 1. The hook may have affect the safety performance of defects;Hook defects shall not be welding repair;Hook surface should be smooth, can not have crack, folding, acute Angle, burr, peeling, burnt and other defects.2. The hook material can choose quality carbon steel or 20 mn, DG34CrMo such as forging, casting hook is strictly prohibited.Plate material shall generally be 16 mn low alloy steel hook.3. The technical conditions of homemade hook should comply with the provisions of the ~ GB10051.5 GB10051.1-88-88 (new standard: gb10051 GB10051.1-2010. 5-2010) 4. The board hook hook pieces of longitudinal axis, must be in the direction of steel rolling, and the hook can't splice.5. Board hook hook application countersunk rivet riveting, and in the high stress bending part of the hook of the lifting point contact and u do not connect with rivets.6. Do not allow the closed welding between laminated plate hook, as long as the discontinuous welding is allowed.