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-- -- -- -- the first chapter is mentioned -- -- -- --
Model the crane is in the introduction and digestion, on the basis of foreign advanced technology, guided by the theory of modular design, by means of modern computer technology, the introduction of optimization design and reliability design method, using imported configuration, new material, new process completed with a lightweight, generalization, energy conservation, environmental protection, free maintenance and high technical content of the new type of crane.
This crane design, manufacturing and inspection are all implement the latest promulgated by the relevant state standards and the equivalent part using FEM, DIN, IEC and other foreign standards, compared with the original general QD type bridge crane products, reduce weight about 15 ~ 30%, the largest round reduce little about 10 ~ 35%, and can reduce the requirement of crane structure of workshop, workshop manufacturing cost saving.Transmission mechanism of the core components are all made of hard tooth surface, high precision gear speed reducer, and steel wheel drum, forging, and the application of variable frequency speed regulation system, makes the model crane traditional gm bridge crane upgrade products, suitable for mechanical manufacturing, assembly, oil chemical industry, warehousing logistics, power construction, paper making, railway and other industries.

The second chapter -- -- -- -- special points -- -- -- --
Light weight
Company's own design software, 3 d modeling and finite element analysis, from the lifting mechanism, steel structure to the accessories adopt the most reasonable structure, coupled with a wide range of application of the high strength material, improve the bearing capacity, reduce its own weight, light weight than traditional crane, wheel pressure is small.
Take up the space is little
On either side of the hook to the limit distance is small, large scope of work, orbital plane height above the size is small, effective use of factory space.

Operation maintenance cost is low
Because of the small wheel pressure, appearance size, can reduce the preliminary engineering investment such as workshop, lighting, heating and other facilities at the same time also can save some costs.And the product performance and reliable, durable, make late products in use process required additional costs to a minimum.Selection of high quality, high performance parts, thus greatly reduce maintenance, maintenance workload of the total installed power lower, used to save cost.
High performance
USES the frequency conversion technology, slow, light load, fast speed range 1:10, crane smooth operation, reduce the impact to the factory.Combined with swing technology, which can realize the lifting high precision positioning of the item.
Easy to operate
Use a variety of ergonomic suspension controller, is used to control the crane operation.Mounted with a liquid crystal display controller can be interactive communications and security and performance control system, in promoting weight, shows the weight information.
Can also be equipped with wireless remote control system (push button and rocker type), for use in demanding complex environment, crane control provides the best solution.
Safe and reliable
With interlocking, overload protection, zero protection, limit protection and so on many measures, ensure crane safe operation.
Hoisting drum for steel drum, wire rope Angle is small, effectively avoid the wear and tear.
Hoisting motor with independent air cooling system with thermal protection function, the degree of protection IP54.
With independent braking systems, with functions of automatic wear compensation.If you have special requirements, can be equipped with two braking systems.
With advanced PLC automatic detection and friendly man-machine interface, the performance of the crane, security, and job status measurement, calculation and monitoring, make the goods delivery is more safe and reliable.

Green manufacturing technology
Adopt green design concept, a wide range of application of the high strength material, main girder jointless cutting, automatic welding technology and laser cutting technology, achieved the energy conservation and environmental protection in the process of production, reduce the pollution to the environment destruction.
Positioning and quick
The introduction of variable frequency system, solved the previous practice, speed control, as well as in the operation of the single speed institutions, cart or driven a car or not, so as to improve the item's lifting cycle, frequent operation, the effect is particularly obvious.Use of the technology of swing, but also improve the positioning precision of the lifting goods.

-- -- -- the third chapter steel structure design -- -- --
Main girder structure
1. The box girder with bias rail structure, optimized design, light weight.
2. Steel Q345 material - B.
3. The girder plate and web plate in front of the welds are conducted by the roller through type shot blasting machine surface derusting, the shot blasting machine can be carried out on the material, such as shot blasting, painting and drying process, after processing to Sa2 level.
4. The girder web plate blanking on prefabricated camber according to the quadratic parabola theory, using the computer aided design, calculate the corresponding high by plasma CNC cutting machine for cutting.