Changyuan county party secretary BoXueBin to visit henan mine crane co., LTD. Research work


Xinxiang municipal committee on March 31, changyuan county party secretary BoXueBin led, head of the relevant departments of the in-depth research of henan mine crane co., LTD, he stressed that the county lifting equipment manufacturing enterprises to further understand the situation clearly, target, seize opportunities, speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, accelerate the development of enterprises.
In henan mine BoXueBin first looked at the henan mine on the construction of new projects, details about the enterprise production and operation conditions, since this year and listen to the next development plan.
Into the henan mine production workshop, a variety of sophisticated production equipment roar, assembly line, workers are familiar with stepping up production, busy production scenarios.
BoXueBin walk while see, to understand the production situation about chief, when enterprises seize the opportunity, national policy to further expand the market, orders grew sharply last year, BoXueBin give full affirmation, and points out that: henan mine as the leading enterprise of lifting equipment must carefully study the relevant state industrial policies, generation and other major opportunities, all the way on the quality of the product market competitiveness, and go all out to do strong business do refined products, excellent brand, to create a world-class lifting enterprise.