Henan mine crane co., LTD. Quality month activity carried out in full swing


Quality month's vows
I am a honorable person in mines, it is my duty to create high-quality goods.
For the sake of his glory,
In order to meet the demands of customers,
In order to the development of the company,
I solemnly swear:
Continuously strengthen the quality consciousness, pay attention to detail, change bad habits;
Should adhere to the quality problem not compromise,
Insist on not lax quality consciousness,
Quality means that you don't left behind;
Depending on the quality of work for their own personal character,
Depending on the product quality as enterprise's life,
With the first-class work quality create the first-class product quality;
With our sincerity, attentive and sweat create mine brilliant tomorrow!
On April 4, 2016, 7 a.m. in the morning, all the production department, technology department, quality department and supervisors in the company culture square held a solemn oath.The swearing-in ceremony opened a company quality month 2016 chapters, with "no compromise, not blindly follow, not conservative" for the purpose of the quality of the main melody to rock again.
In September each year, on the basis of "national quality month" activities, henan mine insists on "quality month" as of April of each year.With the development of "quality month" activities, "nothing can beat us, only quality", "to start the high-quality goods, for it for the first"...These ideas have been deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee in mines, henan to every post, work every day.
Henan mine in the "quality month" activity is the theme of the "quality, mission, responsibility and practice", around the enhancement enterprise quality brand awareness and core competitiveness, focus on learning the international first-class quality management ideas and methods, strengthening the quality consciousness, improve the quality management level.
Other companies in the main campus and publicity column suspended, Posting banners, signs, related to the quality of campus electronic display scroll to broadcast propaganda slogan "quality month", and use the WeChat public carrier, electronic screen, etc, timely release inspection comparison results and rewards and punishments.
This activity includes single and double beam quality special inspection, quality training, skills, duration, etc., the company WeChat public platform to tracking report, please pay attention.