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Single-girder crane derail?
Single-girder crane derailment should stop quickly after the operation, homework personnel evacuation crane scale, may cause serious derailment crane crane fell from orbit, the crash safety accidents caused by machine.So derailed crane to be reckoned with, should pay attention to, regularly or irregularly to crane safety inspection maintenance.
So what causes of crane derail?
1. Single-beam crane derail, mostly caused by running out of sync on both sides of the crane motor, electric pilot run time state on both ends of the crane, respectively will produce different mechanical fatigue (1, 2, motor bearing damaged coil short-circuit caused aging motor burn out 3, the output part of the gear wear scrap, etc.), in the crane operators unaware of state continue to operate, creates a crane derailment;
2. Is the crane rail rugged, on both sides of the rules is greater than or less than the gauge of the crane itself, is likely to cause a crane derailment;
3, crane wheels fault is an important factor causing crane derailment, wheel factors are divided into several kinds of wheel bearing damage, for example, gear damage, abrasion wheel itself scrap, etc
Over a variety of reasons can be fatal factor to the derailment, but most of them are able to kill it in the cradle, the crane must be conducted regularly or irregularly maintenance maintenance, specific maintenance regulations can refer to the crane operation instruction handbook ".
Crane derail regulation methods are divided into two kinds:
1. To use mobile crane crane hoisting to its original position, and then repair damaged parts, then put into production use.The way to the implementation of the subject to the conditions of plant height and auxiliary facilities maintenance platform, lower plant height not enforced, workshop without hydraulic platform not to implement.
2. This method is applicable to any form of workshop, no matter how low the plant height, with or without maintenance platform, so simple so capricious.
The above two cure derailment detailed tutorial please call for details.
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