Single-girder crane operation rules, Henan mine crane co., LTD


Before work
1, electric single beam cranes by specialist operations, the operator should fully grasp the safety operation procedures.
2, check the track, che beam line clean, complete and reliable mechanical no damage car stop, limit switch, if there are any abnormal, not allowed to use.
3, should be done before in normal use to 125% rated load, lifting off the ground is about 100 mm, 10 minutes of static load experiment, and check whether the normal.
4, in normal use shall be under no-load condition, make repeated lifting and moving experiment, confirmed the mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts and the connection part of the normal and reliable.5, and whether the wire rope on the drum to normal.
6, the operation personnel to strict inspection before open electric hoist, confirm the rotation system, flexible to use all kinds of connection fasteners are intact, good lubrication.
7, before lifting weights in the face of the brake female full inspections, wire rope, hook, confirm the safety and reliability.
8, pay attention to check the car wheel rim traveling mechanism and i-steel gap between edge should guarantee for 3 to 5 mm, otherwise should be adjusted.
9, operator should keep hands dry, without material, keep dry and button, flexible to use.
10, check the electric hoist travel within the scope of any staff and obstacles.
Before 11, lifting heavy objects should confirm the weight of the lifting heavy objects, no more than the rated lifting weight lifting heavy objects.

In the work
1, in use, absolutely forbidden in not allowed, environment, and more than the rated load and rated closing times per hour (120) under the condition of use.
2, are not allowed to tilt lifting weight and drag tool use.
More than 3, with the same span crane work, must keep 1.5 m distance, in case of collision.
4, are not allowed to press the two at the same time use electric hoist flashlight door button according to the opposite direction.
5, in use must be regular inspection on electric hoist, by specialized personnel find fault take timely measures, and carefully record.
6 should be adjusted to make the weight suspended brake, brake motor, and a drop in the biggest load brake braking in less than 80 mm.Brake in hoisting speed / 100 (m) or less.
7, electric hoist must keep enough lubricating oil in use, and keep the oil clean and should not contain any impurities and dirt.
8, wire rope grease should be used when hard burrs wood pieces, it is strictly prohibited to direct lubricate the wire rope is working with his hands.

After the work
1, electric hoist does not work, are not allowed to put the heavy weight suspended in the air, to prevent permanent deformation parts.
2, hook up off the ground should be more than two meters and total brake pull open the power supply to ensure safety.
3, each with 200 hours after check the electrical device and control system and hook crack or cold deformation.
4, 50 hours per use check cable drum and the guide rope device damage and supporting bolts.
5, each after a year should be a comprehensive check crane use situation especially abrasion of wearing parts, transmission parts, such as excessive wear should be replaced immediately.