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Crane bad work environment, most in the high temperature, high dust, and even harmful gas in the working environment.According to the actual working conditions, such as metallurgical crane electric room should adopt heat insulation and dustproof cooling measures such as increasing cooling fan, etc.
Inverter general installation environment requirement: minimum temperature 5 ℃, the highest temperature of 40 ℃.Studies have shown that the inverter failure rate increases with temperature and rising exponentially, the service life of temperature rising and falling into index, environment temperature 10 ℃, the service life of the converter will be halved.Summer is the season of frequency converter fault, to ensure that the inverter can be long-term, stable and reliable operation, the key lies in daily maintenance.Below for inovance CS700 inverter as an example, discussion inverter precautions:
A, installation considerations
When installing CS700 series inverter so please note the following:

1) installation space requirements as shown in figure 3-1, shall provide the heat dissipation of the frequency converter has enough space.The reserved space, please consider other components contained in the heat.

2) please upward vertical installation inverter, easy to heat up.If time is more than one inverter, please install side by side.On the occasion of upper and lower installation, please refer to figure 3-2, installation guide plate heat insulation.
3) mounting bracket, please be sure to use flame retardant materials as the mounting bracket.
4) with metal powder applications, recommended installation radiator tank.At this point fully sealed enclosure space should be as large as possible.
Second, the inverter downtime
1, serious inverter touch screen monitor and record the display parameters, abnormal should immediately reflect.
2, carefully watching and recording frequency room environment temperature, environment temperature should be between 5 ℃ and 40 ℃.
3, inverter filter should be clean once a week usually on cupboard door;Dust is more, such as work environment cleaning intervals should be shortened according to actual situation.
4, frequency converter in normal operation, the thickness of a standard A4 paper should be able to adsorption in the cupboard door air inlet filter.
5, and frequency conversion room must be kept clean, should according to the actual situation at any time to clean.
6 and frequency room must be in good ventilation, lighting, ventilation equipment can normal operation.
7, inverter power unit tank outlet temperature not more than 55 ℃.
Three, use of frequency converter downtime matters needing attention
1, with plastic suction nozzle of vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean frequency converter, contained in the guarantee equipment around without too much dust.
2, check the inverter room ventilation, lighting, ventilation equipment can normal operation.
3, check the converter internal connection between the cable should be correct and reliable.
4, check the inverter all grounding should be reliable, contained in the ground without rust.
5, check the inverter by-pass ark of high voltage switch should be normal operation, and can correctly closing and breaking.
6, frequency converter commissioning is completed, should re-examine fastening converter internal cable connecting the nut.
7, should be tightened once half a year frequency converter internal cable connecting the nut.
8, after six months every six months the fastening a frequency converter internal cable connecting the nut.
9, inverter resumed after long downtime, should measure frequency converter (including phase shift, by-pass GuiZhu loop) insulation, should use 1500 v megohmmeter.After testing qualified insulation, to start the inverter.
Fourth, the daily maintenance of frequency converter
1, to strengthen the inspection, will be responsible for the daily maintenance of frequency converter;
2, operation data records.
Write the inverter running log books, records of timing of inverter and motor run data, including the inverter output frequency, output current, output voltage, dc voltage, frequency converter internal radiator parameters such as temperature, compared with reasonable data contrast, facilitate found the problems at an early date
3, to ensure that the inverter room environment temperature - 5 ~ 40 ℃.Set the test for a normal inverter top cabinet cooling fan, cupboard door of filter blockage.To ensure the cooling wind path unobstructed.The specific method is: put a standard thickness of the A4 printing paper in the cupboard door of filter, the paper should be adsorbed on the transom.
In order to ensure that cooling wind path unobstructed, should be cleaning once a week filter, dust is more, if the site environment cleaning intervals should be shortened.
4, at any time record and monitoring frequency converter operation frequency, current, and the temperature of the phase shifting transformer.The rise of temperature of the phase shifting transformer should not exceed 130 ℃.
5, environmental monitoring
(1) at high temperature in summer, we should strengthen ventilated inverter installation site.Ensure that the surrounding can not have too much dust in the air, acid, salt, corrosion resistance and explosive gas;
(2) the summer is the rainy season, to prevent the inverter installation environment, without the rain into the inverter inside.
6, check all electrical connections of tightness, check each loop with no signs of abnormal discharge, no odor, color, such as crack, damage phenomenon.
7, after each maintenance frequency converter, carefully examined for missing screws and wire etc., to prevent small metal objects cause short-circuit accident frequency converter.Especially for the electric circuits of the larger changes, to ensure the electric cable connection correct, reliable, to prevent the "backward" accidents.
Five, the conclusion
Anyhow, crane maintenance of frequency converter in the summer, should pay attention to the temperature transducer installation environment, regular cleaning frequency converter dust inside, make sure that the cooling wind path unobstructed.Strengthen the inspection, improvement of frequency converter, motor and the circuit of the surrounding environment.Check whether the terminal is fastening, ensure accurate and reliable connection of each electric back.
Crane in use, the moving parts would inevitably produce wear, loose fitting, corrosion oil metamorphism, metal structure, that cause the crane's technical performance, economic performance and safe performance of different level.As a result, the crane parts before the wear degree affect crane production failure, in order to prevent and eliminate the hidden danger, ensure crane is in good condition, often deal with crane maintenance and maintenance.Through to the crane maintenance, effectively prolong crane repair time interval or institutions, including overhaul period, to prevent unnecessary outage accidents, so as to prolong the service life of the crane.