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Crane load sway phenomenon:
When a crane handling material, the crane cart, car and promote the movement of the organization usually controlled by the respective operating instructions independently.
When handling materials, due to the cart and the car deceleration, the influence of load because of the weight of inertia will swing phenomenon.When the load swing, unload job can't work normally.When this happens, this requires operators very skilled operating skills and highly focus on controlling the operation of the large car to eliminate the swing.Eliminate the load swing and subtle to adjust load reach the target location needs a long time operation, the time for about a third of the time needed for handling work.In addition, the acceleration or deceleration operating load will cause the crane swing.Crane handling heavy load swing pose a threat to on-site personnel safety.The load swing increases load and the surrounding the possibility of damaged goods.Load swing has became the main factors to limit the crane handling material efficiency.

Active anti sway: can give according to the operator operation habit custom Settings prevent swing, increases the user experience, reduce training time, easy to operate, reduce the intensity of the operator work.
Passive anti sway: security controller automatic calculation to eliminate load swing, easy to operate, reduce the intensity of the operator work.
Operation security and stability in all kinds of lifting heavy weights when working swing amplitude is less than 5 cm, reduce the crane dynamic operating point and time, improve the efficiency of the goods handling production, reduce weight collision and injuries, effectively extending the service life of the crane.

Regional planning, regional planning is to achieve the overall deployment of certain region, to provide working conditions on site productivity layout, space according to the user needs to custom area.

Tilt Angle free proof: tilt Angle free is the root of lifting heavy things safe hidden trouble, will make the steel wire rope on the drum, roller Angle, of allowing groove, guide line is damaged, the phenomenon such as rope, the rope.Through the function of the controller to the Angle of the wire rope limit within a certain range, banned the happening of the tilt Angle free thoroughly, reduce accidents and maintenance costs, improve the service life of the crane.

Automatically to: crane in the lifting process, because of the influence of object position machine shape, wire rope Angle increases, enabling a specific button automatically correct lifting opportunity in this Angle, only presses the button when the specific function will work, auxiliary personnel hoisting operation.

Locking hook: this function is used to protect hook lose gravity, resulting in a decline in wire rope can't, cause the damage of wire rope and guide line.This function to enable conditions, hook lost gravity drop 20 cm to drop signal cut off.

Space management: management is the most important thing for space control, accomplish the economic and efficient use of space.Cost saving space, use a space effectively, shorten the working process.Can set obstacles within the software, protect the items in the specific space from the collision.The hook or hanging objects inaccessible, security protect specific space!

"Crane safety movement control system widely used environment:
Crane safety in the field of motion control system is widely used in the following industry crane:
Mechanical workshop
The paper industry
Power plant
Metallurgical industry
Steel mills
Waste treatment plant
The construction site
Storage and use
The railway
The railway and container storage field
The airport, with the repair/maintenance of aircraft

The upgrading of existing crane control system, and production efficiency

Original crane electric control system: why do you want to upgrade?
Eliminate the load swing
Improve the production efficiency
Reduce maintenance costs
Effective use of space
A particular area safety protection
Prolong the service life of the crane
Improve the crane safety original