Mine Crane leads domestic crane development direction


With the continuous development of China's economy, modern science and technology constantly updated, the expansion of industrial production and to increase the degree of automation, crane is more and more widely used in the process of modern production, the effect becomes more and more big, more and more is also high to the requirement of crane.Our country is at an unprecedented rate into the international competition of globalization market, crane manufacturing industry is facing both opportunities and challenges of the new situation.So the crane to continuous development and innovation.
Alpha crane co., LTD., uphold the "integrity, pragmatic, innovation and dedication" spirit of enterprise, innovation, development, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, for the development of the crane industry in our country.
Crane is stride forward towards the direction of the high-end products, henan mine crane co., LTD., relying on the advanced German technology and advanced core components, the manufacturing of the crane has small size, light weight, free maintenance, high efficiency and has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection.

1, lifting product diversification and standardization
Modern industrial production mode and the diversity of user requirements, make special crane market expanding, the variety is also growing, to meet the needs of special, unique function to play the best effect.Henan mine crane co., LTD., integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales, installation, service as a whole, focus on high-end european-style crane, the main products are European double beam crane, single-beam crane, single beam suspension crane, gantry crane, garbage cranes, more protection, such as special crane, widely used in machinery, metallurgy, railway, automobile, aviation, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, mining and other fields.

2, light-duty product model, practical
Considering the comprehensive benefit for cranes minimize appearance is highly, simplifying the structure, reduce the weight and pressure, also can make the whole building height decreased, light-duty building structure, reduce cost and maintenance cost.Alpha crane co., LTD., the production of crane products with light weight, and the advantages of lightweight, sharply reduced the wheel pressure, reduce the requirement of crane for building structure, saving the cost of manufacturing workshop.
3, automatic and intelligent, the performance of the product
The updating and development of crane, depends largely on the improvement of electric drives and controls.Combining automation technology and mechanical transmission technology, the advanced microelectronic technology, power electronics technology, optical fiber communication technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology is applied to the mechanical drive and control system, automatic and semi-automatic.Make the material handling system composed of crane has higher flexibility, so as to adapt to the future more batch less flexible production mode of the batch.
4, product structure, the new MeiGuanHua
Henan mine crane co., LTD adopts the three-pronged operation due to compact structure, convenient tear open outfit, easy and smooth operation, will become the mainstream of crane running mechanism, reducer, drum and roller shell manufacturing welding for casting, can reduce weight, increase the bearing capacity and improve the processing and manufacturing conditions.Hard tooth surface gear speed reducer adopts, to reduce the volume, improve the bearing capacity, increase service life.
5, after-sales service specialization and humanization
Henan mine attaches great importance to customer demand, whether the vehicle manufacturer, or the end user, as long as you purchase the products of mine of henan, is bound to get the high quality service.Alpha is a professional lifting equipment manufacturers, product core part is the international first-class brand, the original factory of Europe, European standards;Other parts has the independent research and development, processing, manufacturing;Not only the spare parts inventory sufficient, and to ensure the quality of real product is the original factory, can provide the fastest delivery speed.
Learn from the past, China should absorb domestic and foreign crane crane of new theories, new technology and new trends, improve the reliability of the product, go the way of modernization of crane, with strong technical strength, integrated into the international market of the big stage.Henan mine crane co., LTD., it is with this attitude, positive learning introduction of foreign advanced technology, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, in order to promote development of the crane industry responsibility, hard, strive to become the domestic crane industry leader!