The main technical points crane sliding contact line is installed


A, slide wire system installation should have the condition
1, mobile devices (or other) and orbit has been installed.
2, the power supply into line cable, mobile devices, the cable in place already.
3, confirm the cable of the specifications of the eligibility of slip line power input and collector interfaces, such as car to install multiple sets of collector, cable transfer box is complete.
4, on-site have available the workbench, such as crown repair platform, can move along the orbit of the construction hanging basket, free mobile scaffolding, etc.Such as using the crown repair platform, temporary power supply connection should be convenient and safe.
5, the slide wire is required for the buyer electrical technical personnel, with the crane operator.
6, the scene can provide construction equipment and materials, such as electric welding machine, acetylene cutting machine, temporary cable, etc.
Second, the confirmation system arrangement
1, the layout of the system as a whole (generally for horizontal layout).
The number of 2 parts, expansion, location.
3, the number of the clamp, and location.
4 the number, location, power input.
5 the number, location and maintenance unit.
Three, the order of the installation work
1, install the Angle bracket along the track according to the preset position, stent spacing should follow standard spacing, as far as possible and to ensure that the parallel position and the center line of the orbit.
2, on the Angle bracket installation, hanging clamp nut set to the appropriate location, ensure to mention hanging clamp also can move around on the bracket of long hole.
3, from one end of the track slip line installation guide, as far as possible make the end to the first 750 ㎜ root stents.
4, assemble terminal sheath, joint and the joint sheath, power input and sheath.
5, installation components, and according to the site environment temperature gap of setting up reasonable parts.
6, installation clamp.
7, the rational selection of the location of the installation on a mobile device collector bracket, ensure the height of the standard of collector.
8, installation collector.
9, connect into line cable, electric cable.
10 energized, confirm the installation right after the test, check whether power phase sequence should be change.
11, will be repeated on both ends of slow to orbit, observe whether there is a collision, flint, collector partial phenomenon, if there are any abnormal power should immediately stop, find out the cause of the improper installation and adjustments.
12, upon confirmation of equipment after repeatedly go line and no abnormal phenomenon, power again, all of the hanging clamp fixed to tighten bolts.
13, electricity test, confirm the installation and correct.

Four, the main technical points of the installation
1, the center line is ultimately slide wire and equipment of trajectory of the parallel, in some field mobile devices go line trajectory slip-adjusting, there exists a regular walk line trajectory is not parallel to track at this time.Therefore, in this kind of not to slip line field installation to the requirement of straightness.When installing a lift hanging clamp, go line commissioning after fastening bolt is efficient mode of operation.
2, some field Angle bracket cannot be installed according to the standard spacing, the need to pay attention to joint sheath, power input sheathed with Angle steel support are the distance between the satisfy the free expansion of safety requirements.Such as beyond the required size, should make cutting for the guide bar.