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SPC (Statistical Process Control, Statistical Process Control, or Statistical Process Control)

What is the SPC

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an acronym for Statistical Process Control (SPC), also known as Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC is mainly refers to the application of statistical analysis technology to the production process real-time monitoring, scientific distinguish between the quality of the products during the production of random fluctuation and abnormal fluctuations, to the production process of abnormal trend warning, so that production management personnel take timely measures to eliminate the abnormal, the stability of the recovery process, so as to achieve the goal of improve and control the quality.

In the production process, the fluctuation of the processing size of products is inevitable. It is caused by the fluctuation of basic factors such as human, machine, material, method and environment. Fluctuations fall into two categories: normal fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations. Normal fluctuations are the result of accidental causes (unavoidable factors). It has little impact on product quality and is difficult to eliminate technically and not worth eliminating economically. Abnormal fluctuations are caused by systematic factors (abnormal factors). It has a great impact on product quality, but measures can be taken to avoid and eliminate it. The purpose of process control is to eliminate and avoid abnormal fluctuations so that the process is in a normal fluctuation state.
Principles of SPC technology

SPC is a process control tool with mathematical statistics. It analyzes and evaluates the production process, finds the signs of systematic factors in time according to the feedback information, and takes measures to eliminate its influence, so as to maintain the process in a controlled state only affected by random factors, so as to achieve the purpose of quality control. When the process is only affected by random factors, the process is under statistical control (controlled state). When the process is affected by system factors, the process is in a statistical runaway state (hereinafter referred to as runaway state). Due to the statistical regularity of process fluctuation, when the process is controlled, the process characteristics generally follow the stable random distribution. When it gets out of control, the process distribution changes. SPC USES the statistical regularity of process fluctuation to analyze and control the process. As a result, it emphasizes that processes operate in a controlled and capable state, thus ensuring that products and services meet customer requirements in a stable manner.