New electric single beam crane-HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD


Introduction to the new electric single-beam crane:

Henan mining crane co., LTD. "new type electric single beam crane", (referred to as new single beam) is LD type electric single beam crane (referred to as the national standard single beam) upgrade products. The new electric single beam crane has advanced technology and excellent product quality stability.

Advantages and features of the new electric single-beam crane:
1. The new single-beam crane has a fast running speed (4-40m/min), which is twice as fast as LD electric single-beam crane (20m/min), and the production efficiency is also twice as high.
2, new single-beam crane, remote control button for multiple keys, shallow keys speed slow just 4 m/min, deep buttons fastest speed can reach 40 m/min, shallow keys cart smooth start, brake, small impact, greatly improving the service life of the mechanical components, small impact and improve the service life of steel structure.
3, the new single-beam crane, large vehicle standard with frequency conversion speed regulation, speed regulation ratio 1:10, slow minimum can reach 3 meters/minute, fast maximum can reach 40 meters/minute, 3-30 meters/minute to achieve stepless speed regulation, to achieve accurate positioning of lifting materials, small shaking, can be safe and efficient material lifting operations.
4, the new single-beam crane end beam using box beam (reinforced), wheel installation using advanced 45-degree section structure, 45-degree section processing accuracy is very high, cutting bottom to solve the problem of large-span single-beam crane rail gnaw, the wheel is forged wheel, material 65MN.
5, cart triad deceleration motor driver USES the products imported from Germany, reducer, motor brake, as one of the triad parallel axis gear motor (hard tooth face), quadrupole cylindrical cage frequency conversion motor, motor protection class IP54, motor power cycle S1 (100%) of the cart motor can exceed frequent use, maintenance free dc electromagnetic brake disc, brake disc protection class IP54, smooth and soft brake, brake pads do not contain asbestos, brake times, 10000 times,.
6. Power supply mode of electric hoist is equipped with Angle steel slide cable trolley or thickened (1.6mm thickness) C track cable trolley.
7. The trolley power supply bracket adopts adjustable power supply frame.
8. Double limit is set for lifting of electric hoist, double beam heavy hammer is used for weight hammer, advantage is heavy hammer, silver contact point, large contact area.
9. The terminals shall adopt the tin welding loose-proof connection mode.