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Electric single beam crane (hereinafter referred to as the crane) is currently widely used lifting machinery, lifting mechanism for electric hoist, can be in
Load, unload, and move materials and equipment in an intermittent and repetitive manner in an operating environment, with functions of vertical lifting, vertical and horizontal movement. The fetch
The device is a hook or other special lifting device to meet the requirements of users for lifting and transporting various types of materials. Working level A3~A6.
According to the position and operation mode of lifting mechanism, it can be divided into:
The electric hoist trolley runs under the flange of the main beam and is equipped with a crane with a trolley of standard building height, as shown in FIG. 1-1a.
Cranes equipped with low headroom electric hoist, as shown in FIG. 1-1b;
The electric hoist is mounted on the angular trolley crane, as shown in figure 1-1c.