Prosperity! Henan mine won the first place in changyuan county crane industry tax payment and innova


In order to reveal the taxpayer, to carry forward the good habit of tax is glorious, carry out the innovation development idea, continue to implement the development strategy of innovation drive, promote the transformation and upgrading of economic development, in the county enterprises build "than economic efficiency, tax revenue, social responsibility," the good atmosphere, motivate the county enterprise innovation and development and industrial development. On April 29, 2019, changyuan county business environment optimization and industrial innovation-driven transformation and upgrading conference was held in the seventh meeting room of the comprehensive building. County party secretary qin baojian, county leader zhao junwei and other county leaders attended the meeting presided over by county party secretary qin baojian.
Henan mine won the first prize of changyuan county crane industry tax payment and innovation-driven transformation and development of advanced units, the company's general manager ren haitao and other leaders to participate in the commendation conference. In recent years, henan mines have actively responded to the increasingly fierce market competition and rapid technological changes, thoroughly implemented the made in China 2025 henan action outline and other document spirit, and made remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation, technological improvement and transformation and upgrading. It has laid a foundation for comprehensively realizing management upgrading, industrial upgrading, product upgrading, market upgrading and enterprise sustainable development. Facing the new journey in 2019, the company will focus on the new goal, according to the deployment requirements of the county party committee and the county government, never forget the initial intention to forge ahead, forge ahead, work hard, do all the work well, jointly create a new brilliance of the company, and make new and greater contributions to the local economic development of changyuan!