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Think of the first time to see the founder of henan mine, after the event Mr Jun's situation, his calm look, full of affection to spell out the face of the mine, the more the heart near his heart, the more can feel his natural leadership traits and the more mundane thoughts, his heart is soft, show as iron firm; Can speak with clean popular, but people unimpeded meditation; His wisdom has gained the approval of thousands of people above him. Every cell in his body is full of feelings and dreams. He makes me believe that some people are born to change the world of criticism

This is a real maker of quantity, a dream of a real thousand, a hometown of the old, the people's skin, the country has love and heat excellent private entrepreneurs, step by step change

< / p > < p > cheng peijun led the nanshan seventeen I autumn years of view accounted for the bo, under the water he did not letter also full of wine laughter life fight enough. "Zi duan" hard - working man has unlimited power. He was elected to the southern province of 13 Chinese people's political consultative conference, was named "Chinese outstanding entrepreneur", "national" amount for China's 100 benchmark for "2018 year China good man", "business province non-public the builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics" national product matter quantity first board of directors ", "henan in 2018 top ten more people", "henan economy person of the year" onam green model worker ", "new city May 1 a", "star of xinxiang benefit of hometown", "long problem set

Home "and so on many titles の RA 100 to take up

< / p > < p > the party's eleventh plenary session drama just after the third plenary session, only 14 years old boy zu peijun, in order to get rid of the poor situation at that time, with the borrowed 35 yuan line, carrying glasses began to run a foreign country, embarked on a difficult and tortuous road to entrepreneurship. After a few years of hard work, static to the first bucket of gold life.

After years of social experience and continuous learning, the 18-year-old zhupei jun with keen business vision, to see the broad development prospects and unlimited business opportunities, he decisively put down the glasses case, pour several years of accumulation, in xuchang opened the lifting sales department. With ruo's honest business philosophy, the business is thriving and healthy, realizing the initial accumulation of business capital and reaping countless valuable business management experience

Bold exploration, water does not meet the status quo, he was 22 years old with more gas, and the pursuit of three set the earth on the road, came to datong, with the quasi push the protection engineering of coal-mining city steel equipment, relying on long anticorrosion industry advantage, quickly built such as "Beijing package anti-corrosion engineering co., LTD.", he by the good faith service, scientific management, first-class quality, the company after years of development, has become the datong city star enterprise. Oneself also installed a home in datong city, lived the life of peer curtain