30+30T intelligent steel plate stacker--HENAN MINE CRANE CO.,LTD


With large lifting weight and highly integrated automatic control, the stacker has a self-weight of more than 600 tons, stable operation and scientific design, which effectively solves the problems existing in the production site of customers and guarantees the full start of the rolling production line of rizhao co., LTD., shandong iron and steel group.

This stacker breaks the monopoly of foreign crane manufacturers on crane technology in this field.

Shan mingzhi, head of engineering equipment of rizhao project department of shandong iron and steel group co., LTD., said that since the intelligent steel plate stacking machine designed and developed by henan mine was put into use two months ago, it has effectively alleviated their production pressure, released their production capacity and increased production efficiency by at least three times!!!

Intelligent manufacturing is an objective trend of the development of the world's manufacturing industry. The development of intelligent manufacturing is not only in line with the internal requirements of the development of China's manufacturing industry, but also an inevitable choice to reshape the new advantages of China's manufacturing industry and achieve transformation and upgrading.

In the future, henan mine will, as always, adhere to intelligent manufacturing, continuous innovation, and make more efforts for Chinese manufacturing to go abroad and go to the world.