Henan mine crane co., LTD. Customer service
Whether you are using the henan mine, or any other manufacturer of crane and hoist, sling or other related equipment, we can provide you with fit your lifting equipment the whole life cycle of a comprehensive, innovative services.
We ensure that your equipment at run time with the highest reliability and efficiency, and allows you to develop core business with all my heart and soul.
Henan mine crane co., LTD. The goal is to:
Let your device has a maximum availability
Cost-effective operation
Highly safe and reliable
Efficient use of
Make your investment with sustainability
High quality and well trained staff to provide the best quality service
Our service consultant has rich professional knowledge, can according to the demand for your dedicated service strategy.Henan mine service engineers are well trained, and constantly training to maintain its excellent professional skills.Therefore, we can provide you with consistent high-quality service.
Henan mine provide localized services throughout the country

Henan mine brand has the world's largest crane and hoist.In view of this, we have 2000 service engineers worldwide service team, using reliable spare parts logistics system to provide the service for you, we are always by your side.
The service portfolio
From equipment commissioning to renovation renovation, we are happy to help you at any time.We provide all the services are designed to meet the needs of industrial crane - let your device play the highest efficiency.Including a comprehensive training plan.
You can decide to provide service, and according to the need to choose a special service or long-term service packs.